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好酒好友 - 幾支酒,遊遍澳洲、歐洲、乜洲物洲。有個句,講個句。唔扮專家,只做玩家。A Chinese podcast on wines from Australia and beyond. We welcome wine lovers, WSET students and beyond. if you have any enquires.

好酒好友 Epsiode 24 - 澳洲 Shiraz 攻略 - Part 2

January 6, 2017

鍾意飲澳洲Shiraz? 唔想俾人話"澳洲 Shiraz 你識條春卷咩"? 咁就要聽我地兩條友一連幾集對澳洲Shiraz的介紹。呢集先講南澳幾個較為人熟悉們酒區出産的Shiraz。

Like Aussie Shiraz? We go thru, one by one, all the major shiraz producing regions in Australia. A must for all WSET students

Today we taste:

Thorn Clarke Eden Trail Eden Valley Shiraz 2014

Pikes Clare Valley Eastside Shiraz 2014

Wolf Blass Gold Label Adelaide Hills Syrah 2012

Farmer's Leap Pathaway Shiraz 2013