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好酒好友 - 幾支酒,遊遍澳洲、歐洲、乜洲物洲。有個句,講個句。唔扮專家,只做玩家。A Chinese podcast on wines from Australia and beyond. We welcome wine lovers, WSET students and beyond. if you have any enquires.

好酒好友 Episode 44 - 香港遊 - 好酒好(東)西之旅

May 18, 2017

Amigos (又再) 遊香江,當然唔少得喪食,講到食好(東)西梗係唔少得叫我哋兩位本地特派專員帶我哋食D 真正嘅傳統廣東正菜! 金庸小說迷一定識得洪七公最愛食嘅富貴雞 (叫化雞/乞衣雞),仲有相傳係慈禧太后一度最愛食嘅清宮御廚雞,再配上幾支保存得相當好嘅陳年意大利紅酒,與同場嘅澳洲佳釀一齊火併一支本地釀,嚟一場真劍勝負!

It’s simply a sin if you do not devour some traditional Canton cuisine if you visit Hong Kong!! Courtesy of our HK Liaison Office the Amigo was treated to some legendary dishes from a legendary kung fu literature written by Louis Cha Leung-yung OBE aka Kam Yung!! Paired with some well-preserved Italian Tuscan wines to go against the finest ferments from Australia. This is East meets West at its best!!