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好酒好友 - 幾支酒,遊遍澳洲、歐洲、乜洲物洲。有個句,講個句。唔扮專家,只做玩家。A Chinese podcast on wines from Australia and beyond. We welcome wine lovers, WSET students and beyond. if you have any enquires.

好酒好友 Episode 58 - Yarra Valley Levantine Hill 酒莊

September 8, 2017

並不是只有祖國土豪才會揼錢買酒莊,Levantine Hill 酒莊無論莊園設計和其産品都經過深思熟慮。有美感,有態度,絕對''豪''而不"土''。今集帶大家品嘗該莊的四款佳釀。

Grand Winery, wonderful wines. Today, we try to luxurious range of wines, from Yarra Yalley's Levatine Hill