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好酒好友 Epsiode 41 - 手工啤の勝負 part 1 - 本地薑 vs 澳洲幫

May 1, 2017

近年手工啤酒响香港紅到發紫,手工啤酒吧開到成行成市,真係梗有一間喺左近!今次 Amigos () 到香港一遊,仲帶埋澳洲出產嘅Bentspoke Brewing, Little Creature Brewing精品手工啤,一於同幾款著名嘅本地手工啤嚟一場對決!我地仲班到一支最近鋪天蓋地宣傳嘅 Betsy Beer 嚐,大家一定要聽吓我哋對呢支專為 35千尺高空釀製嘅啤酒有咩評價!



Craft beer is all the rage in Hong Kong in recent years, and craft beer pubs are sprouting like weed all over the city. The Amigo visited HK (yet again) and brought a few proudly Aussie-made craft brews Bentspoke Brewing, and Little Creature Brewing to go head to head with the local establishment! We also sampled the Betsy Beer, which is all over the local press lately. Tune in to hear our thoughts on this beer especially designed for travelers' enjoyment in the air at 35,000 feet.