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好酒好友 - 幾支酒,遊遍澳洲、歐洲、乜洲物洲。有個句,講個句。唔扮專家,只做玩家。A Chinese podcast on wines from Australia and beyond. We welcome wine lovers, WSET students and beyond. if you have any enquires.

好酒好友 Epsiode 43 - 手工啤の勝負 part 2 - 鬼妹 vs 鬼佬釀酒師

May 12, 2017

近年手工啤熱潮捲到嚟香港,而且越來越多女士們都開始愛上,但釀啤酒一般俾人嘅感覺都係男性主導。2011 年兩位鬼妹响澳洲墨爾本開設咗當地第一間由女士主理兼負責釀製嘅手工啤酒廠,仲起咗個好貼切嘅名叫 Two Birds (你懂的)! 我哋用幾款 Two Birds 嘅手工啤同最近香港鬼佬手工啤界力谷、剛陽味重到一個點嘅 Pirate Life (海賊王!)嚟一場雌雄對決,睇吓究竟啤酒係男人嘅世界,還是女士們都可以另闢市場,各佔一片天!

The craft beer wave has hit Hong Kong in recent years and absolutely growing in popularity, especially amongst the ladies. However beer brewing is traditionally perceived as a male-dominated industry. Since 2011, two ladies has started the 1st female-owned and run craft brewery in Melbourne, aptly named Two Birds. We've brought a few of Two Birds' finest and pitched them against some macho, oomphy Pirate Life craft brews, which are heavily publicised in local craft beer n gastro pubs in recent weeks.