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好酒好友 - 幾支酒,遊遍澳洲、歐洲、乜洲物洲。有個句,講個句。唔扮專家,只做玩家。A Chinese podcast on wines from Australia and beyond. We welcome wine lovers, WSET students and beyond. if you have any enquires.

September 5, 2016

好酒好友 Epsiode 6 - Tim Knappstein 東山再起 .. Part 1

澳洲酒壇老將Tim Knappstein 東山再起,以酒代劍,在商品化的葡萄酒市場中殺出一條血路,造出有個性又抵飲的紅、白酒。豆腐可以配甚麽酒?聽下你就知!

The Knappstein family has been involved in the wine industry since 1895. in 2006, Riposte wines was launched by Tim Knappstein. Riposte is a fencing term meaning a quick reply or counterthrust and is Tim’s personal reply to the increasingly corporatized world of wine making.
August 30, 2016

好酒好友 Epsiode 5 - 澳洲 Sherry…啊唔係,係Apera

Sherry=Apera=Sherry? 媽,我好亂呀!兩條友為你解讀既好飲,又好難明的澳洲 Sherry...啊唔係,係Apera...

We taste 3 sherry ... umm .. I mean Apera. Australian has been producing dry fortified wines for decades, and we taste 3 fine examples from Seppeltsfield winery, which is founded in 1851 .
August 19, 2016

好酒好友 Epsiode 4 - Winestyles 雜誌 shiraz 盲評試飲大會。

Winestyles 雜誌 shiraz 盲評試飲大會。試盡30 款 cool climate 和 warm climate, 來自澳洲、紐西蘭和法國的 shiraz 佳釀.

This is a live recording, at the recent winestyles magazine shiraz tasting event. 30 shiraz from Australia, New Zealand and France, all served blind, were tasted.
August 12, 2016

好酒好友 Epsiode 3 - Wynns 2016 年推出的典堂級紅酒

今集同大家打大佬!兩款 Wynns 的頂頂頂級紅酒亦是澳洲數一數二的典堂級佳釀,John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon Michael Shiraz.

Today we taste the following flagship wines from Wynns:
Wynns John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon V13
Wynns Michael Shiraz V13
August 4, 2016

好酒好友 Epsiode 2 - Wynns 2016 年推出的單一葡萄園紅酒

今集同大家品評兩款Wynns單一葡萄園的 Cabernet Sauvignon - Alex 88 Harold Vineyard. 兩款都是出至 Wynns 頂級的葡萄園,亦屬於該區頂級的好酒。

Today we taste the following Single Vineyard wines from Wynns:
Wynns Harold's Cabernet Sauvignon V13
Wynns Alex88 Cabernet Sauvignon V06

July 31, 2016

好酒好友 Epsiode 1 - Wynns 2016 年推出的 2014 年份紅酒

Epsiode 1. Wynns 2016 年推出的 2014 年份紅酒。
品嘗Coonawarra benchmark - Wynns Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 和兩款單一葡萄園的 V&A Lane Cabernet Shiraz Shiraz

Today we taste the following wines from the iconic Wynns vineyard:
Wynns Black Label cabernet sauvignon V14
Wynns V&A Lane, Cabernet Shiraz V14
Wynns V&A Lane, Shiraz V14